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    Meet the new, patent-pending cow and calf call from Phelps Game Calls that uses inhale technology to produce crisp and clear sounds every time. The EZ SUK'R is a hands-free inhale call, giving the hunter uninhibited use of their weapon while getting em close. Best of all, it's extremely EZ to use and perfect for hunters that struggle with or can't use a diaphragm call. It's more durable and longer-lasting than traditional diaphragms due to the inhale technology and its ability to keep the diaphragm dry. Additionally, the EZ SUK'R utilizes a replaceable AMP voice. This call produces some of the most realistic and authentic cow and calf sounds. It features a lime green silicone rubber body, a black plastic cartridge, and an AMP voice. One Young/Standard Voice reed (blue latex) is included for calf and young cow sounds. To operate the call, follow the steps below: 

  1. Gently bite by placing bottom teeth in the groove on the bottom side of the call.

  2. Seal your lips around the opening, inhale, and drop your teeth away from the call while maintaining a lip seal.

  3. For sound variation, cup your hands around the end of the call. To adjust tonal pitch and length, change the amount of airflow.”

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